Morning Rituals

Every morning we get out of bed and do the same thing for we start off to go school or to work. To keep a positive vibe and happy face all day I have created the perfect ritual for myself.

I hope I can help you out to get a good start off the day with the following ritual.

Wake up early: Between 0400-0500 is the best time to set your alarm clock. Why? Because the door between the concious and subconcious mind will be wide open. You will have better ideas and outcome of these ideas. Your mind is in a Alpha state and will be a lot easier to handle for plans towards the goals that you want in life. Start your day by drinking water because of the hydration you get during the night

Take a cold shower: A cold shower will wake up your soul and mind. You are get adranline over you that makes you quit alert and concious of your thinking. Althought it is not a favorite habit of me, I know that it helps me getting shit done.

Afformations: Afformations are short phrases that will pump up your self esteem and confidence . Say thanks to all your already have achieved and everything you have. And give yourself a boost to believe in yourself, love yourself and say it out loud with feeling.

Meditation: To be inworth with yourself and get the positive energie to keep it up all day I recommend to use the 6 phase meditation from Mind Valley founder Vishen Lakhiani. He will guide you through a nice and helpfull meditation all about Graditude, Love, Happiness and Future Planning. I am very grateful that I found this Med on You Tube.

Workout: A short workout, about 15 minutes will make you body lose and get you mind clear for the things you have to work on daily.

Breakfast: Eat Healthy. A good breakfast will prevent you from having Physical and Mental drawbacks during the day. You need what you personally think is good for you to eat in the morning. Grains, Blue berries, and chai tea are good for your body and soul.

Reading: Do yourself a favor and read 3 books every month. It will get your brain trained in all areas. You never feel sad by getting smarter BTW. You will find yourself getting more interessted in topics. Whatever your interessted in.

I hope but convinced that you will take this one to the heart. It will make you feel very good and energized every day.


Have a good one!


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