48 Years of Growth

I am about to leave 47 years and entering 48 years learning, earning, loving, grow, graditude and being an authentic induvitial in this beautiful, but also hard, world we call our home.

In my youth, that was most of the time great, I learned already the differents between having it all and having nothing. From the choice to not knowing which ball of 50 to choose. My dad bought 50 just in case I lose one. I had everything I could wish for. Dad’s favorite, having a loving and caring Mom, brothers and sisters who where crazy about me and never had it short of nothing. But after a while I also learned how it is to have absolute nothing. Today I look back and will never have that feeling of doubt, failure or losing again.

My dad was, in his way, a hero for me. But never present when he was home. Self destructive and took all of us with him. This is the lesson I have learned and made the same mistakes now and then. I want to say sorry to all I have done wrong on my yourney and promise to do better. For my family, friends,which I think I do not accually have anymore, but most of all for me. After 48 years I finally have clarity in me and burned all my history books.

I want you to think about your Life and evaluate if you could do better. If so then act like it. It will open a new door for you and your life will change in the best way possible. Do not fall back and stay save.

Much Love and Graditude


Gepubliceerd door moisphillies

Owner of moisphillies est.2020 Passionate beginning entrepreneur living in Arnhem, The Netherlands

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